What is a Base Cabinet?

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A base cabinet is the one designed to sit under the countertop of a kitchen or bathroom. Base cabinets are the largest storage area of a cabinet system with a typical depth of 24 inches. When purchasing kitchen base cabinets, it is best to look for cupboards that are sold with the base as an accompanying set. The base cabinets of a kitchen are the storage foundation for the entire room and will play a dominant role in the overall décor.

Both kitchen and bathroom floor cabinets are referred to as base cabinets but they can have very different constructions. For example, in a bathroom that has a pedestal sink, the base cabinet may be a simple fa?ade to mask plumbing without actually providing any storage capability. Faux draws may add additional dimension to a bathroom base cabinet without increasing its functionality. The same can be true for kitchen cabinets depending on the price of the cabinetry. Base cabinets are offered in a variety of materials and can be purchased with or without doors. To save money, some base cabinets can be constructed so that only their visible face is made from solid wood.