What is a Door Stopper?

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Door stoppers are literally the device used to control, limit and stop the motion of a cabinet door. There are many modern hinges that have one incorporated into the design, but door stoppers can be added to any door as an after-market upgrade. The purpose of a door stopper is to help prevent damage to a trim board, door or the neighboring cabinetry. Many door stoppers include a door return mechanism that allows the door to be propped open or returned to a closed position without the need to manually guide the door to the completely closed position.

The position at which the stopper is intended to stop the door is a characteristic that is used to define this piece of hardware. The magnetic tabs that are attached to the inside top edge of a frameless cabinet that can be referred to as door stoppers. There are also the extending rods with rubber tips that can be called door stoppers. When considering door stoppers for kitchen cabinetry, a popular choice in modern cabinetry is to simply use an invisible hinge. They have a built-in door stopper and mechanical return system incorporated into their designs. Another option rarely used is the rail and sliding bracket door stopper, which is more frequently used on screen doors.